Fights unpleasant odor…

As a delivery man, I do door to door delivery non stop. I sweat a lot and after a long day, I notice that my “lower body” odor is pretty strong.

I have tried a number of men’s wash products before but all those products gave only temporary solution.


But MyBro Cleanser is different – it helps to fight unpleasant odor and reduce my sweat as well (in those “lower body” region).

I feel more fresh nowadays. No more worries. It helps to boost my confidence!

This is quite possibly the best men’s wash product I have ever used.

JJ Kendricks.

Longer lasting freshness…

It was a gift set from my buddy. I wasn’t keen to use it as I’m more comfortable with my the brand I’m currently using.

Reluctantly, I gave it a try and to my big surprise, I found MyBro Cleanser to be very invigorating. It has a nice smell and my intimate area feels refreshed all over.


No more bad odor from the intimate area. Longer lasting freshness! If it works for me, I’m sure it will work for others! Recommended.

Andy Lighgow.